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FALL 2016

Being curious, by definition, means you’re eager to know or learn something. In this issue, we’ll explore the true meaning of curiosity. Whether you’re experiencing the sights of far-off lands, or expanding your mind with the highly recognized TED talks, this is your chance to satisfy your inner curiosity with Marriott Hotels.

Brandon Stanton Headshot


Brandon Stanton’s natural curiosity has helped him illuminate the lives of ten thousand people from all around the world. Now, he opens up to tell the story of the man behind the camera.

by Cara Canella | 10 min

Neil deGrasse Tyson


Explore the mind of world-famous astrophysicist and late-night talk show host Neil deGrasse Tyson. No stranger to answering tough questions on StarTalk, Neil is also the author of countless books that investigate unknowns in astrophysics, physical cosmology, and science communication.

by Taylor Beck | 06 min


Learn something new and broaden your perspective as we partner with TED to bring you inspiring stories and original content that will spark creativity.


Get a firsthand look, discover a new destination or see a familiar place from a new angle. We’re partnering with #VSCO to give you glimpses of the world as you’ve never seen before.


Explore local cocktails and cuisine from all around the world as we go behind the scenes to reveal unique approaches to food, drink and everything that creates a culinary experience.


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