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By Jill Higgs

Stretch. Breathe. Decompress. Achieve. The all new Marriott Guest Room is your home away from home – whether you’re hard at work or hard at rest.

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There’s a reason Bellevue, Washington, was once named number one in CNNMoney’s list of the best places to live and launch a business. After all, as a sprawling boomburb of Seattle, this Pacific Northwest enclave couldn’t help but absorb some of the mothership’s entrepreneurial karma. Back in the 90s, Bellevue took on a Silicon Valley vibe, building a hotbed of high-tech companies, many still thriving today (hello, Expedia and T-Mobile). Bellevue was also the original headquarters of a little-known startup called Microsoft that grew too big for its cozy confines and eased on up the road to neighboring Redmond. But the obvious fact is this: The Seattle area thrives on creative ingenuity, forward thinking venture capitalists and high-test caffeine — a powerful combination that lays the groundwork for a culture of curiosity. If you’re a business traveler seeking newfound knowledge and thought-provoking ideas in Seattle, there’s a good chance you won’t be disappointed.

The supporting players in this theater of innovation get it, too. Travelers want to be inspired beyond the boardrooms, collaborative labs and meeting pods where they spend a good part of their day. Take the Seattle Marriott Bellevue, for instance, a downtown hotel that recently transformed its guest rooms into inventive spaces that both motivate inspiration and embrace downtime. The balance between these ideas is seamless, comfortable and entirely elevated.

The contemporary and open floor plan offers room to move and decompress. The floors are a cool, hardwood surface that impresses a warm and upscale residential touch. Special luggage benches and expanded closets put belongings exactly where they should be — visible and within reach. There’s the high-speed Wi-Fi business travelers expect and a 55-inch flat-screen TV that proves to be an unexpected elevation in an age of laptop and mobile-screen viewing. And the bathroom … let’s just say the walk-in shower is its own little think tank — a place where visionaries who get their best ideas in the shower may want to linger — if it weren’t for the 9 a.m. meet up in the lobby down below.

No guest room should ever claim to be a mythic utopia, and this one doesn’t. But it does make the case for surrounding guests with the magic mix of amenities, technology and local design touches that fuel curiosity and inventive minds. Best of all, you don’t even have to be in a tech hot spot like Bellevue to be so inspired. Your next great idea just might come from inside a guest room like this one at more than 30 select Marriott Hotels around the globe, a room where thinking outside the box is how it came to be in the first place.

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