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5 Products That Upgrade Business Travel

by Scott Simone

The key to upping the luxury business travel experience may rest in these five products. Here, Marriott teams with Fast Company to bring you the Inspiration Collective.

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Sophisticated business travelers are acquainted with the hacks that make getting from point A to points B and C feel like luxury. They know which lounge has the smoothest flat white, which leather seat gets the best light and fastest Wi-Fi. They know the best spot to call an Uber and, most importantly, they enjoy the small things in life that make traveling feel lavish.

It’s for this reason that Marriott Hotels has partnered with Fast Company to bring you the Inspiration Collective, a collection of inspiring products and experiences that spark brilliance in the lives of Fast Company’s Recommender community.

While there are a host of products that can improve the travel experience, here are the top five we feel confident will make your next flight that much more dreamy.

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H7 headphones

The headphones that came with your new iPhone X may be sleek, but Fast Company readers have found that Beoplay H7 headphones elevate the listening experience.

In addition to their high-quality sound, the clean design pairs well with everything from fresh athletic gear to a just-steamed power suit. They’re cordless so you won’t be tangled up while on the move, and the long-lasting battery power — up to 20 hours uninterrupted — guarantees you don’t have to worry about charging for long-haul flights.

Best of all, these headphones come with an innovative touch sensor. Change songs, adjust the volume and answer calls from the tips of your fingers.


One of the best parts about traveling is the gadgets you purchase before taking off to a new location. But sometimes it can be difficult to remember which bag has your iPad and which compartment is housing your keys.

TrackR is a coin-sized Bluetooth tracker that helps you find everything with zero stress, leaving your mind free to think about what you’ll next cross off your bucket list.

These trackers can be attached to anything you’ll need while on the go — wallets, passports, you name it. When you need to find it, simply log into the TrackR app on your phone, and the device will ring and flash LED lights to help you locate the object.

HOOK & ALBERT Weekender Bag

Sure, you can have a suit ironed when you arrive at your next locale, but the Weekender bag by HOOK & ALBERT gives you the flexibility to be meeting- and adventure-ready straight from the plane.

The well-crafted leather bag looks like a duffel but is actually much more. It’s a hanging garment bag that allows you to neatly pack two full suits and a pair of shoes in an easy-to-carry, good-looking package (safe from the closet of smushed garments).

Finally, the nicely sized front and back pockets give you easy access to other travel needs — documents, headphones, tablets, you name it.

Bump Charger

Despite your meticulous planning for every trip, it’s likely you’ve experienced that brief moment of hyperawareness when your phone switches to low-battery mode. Having a portable charger reframes this experience — no longer is low battery anything but you enjoying connectivity and productivity throughout the course of your journey.

The Bump charger then brings it up a notch: This portable charger features foldable prongs that can go from socket friendly to pocket friendly without any hassle. It can also give you a 1.5-times power boost for that last important set of emails. And Bump’s cable is firm and flat, meaning you’ll never have to worry about untangling a knotted power cord again. It’s as seamless as that presentation you’ve been working on.

Oura Smart Ring

Part of ensuring health and wellness throughout the course of your travels is calculating when and how to get the most fulfilling sleep. The Oura ring can help jumpstart this cycle by sending daily updates on your energy level.

The way it works is this: You get a report each morning describing your “readiness,” a score informing you how ready you are to perform that day. On days when you have a low score, or not enough energy to perform at full pace, it will offer ways to bounce back the next day, such as taking it easy at a certain time or sleeping earlier that day.

The Oura smart ring sets itself apart from the rest of the wearable technologies by coming in sleekly designed jewelry. It’s the perfect product to track and optimize your sleeping habits, helping you feel relaxed and energized and keeping you performing at your peak. Through its online dashboard and app, you get prescriptive and actionable information.

In other words: It’s a statement about how ready you are to carpe diem.


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