Reach Your Personal Potential with Marriott Hotels

Bring a touch of brilliance to your daily routine, explore our series of positive, inspirational podcasts and workshops. Reach your personal potential with Marriott Hotels.

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Inspired Brilliance

An empowered panel series about soft skills, self-care and side hustles.

Marriott Hotels has been through a transformational journey, reimaging the physical experiences of travel while enabling guests to be their most brilliant selves. We have created an empowering panel series about reaching your personal potential.

Join us as journalist and renowned podcast host Pandora Sykes interviews some of the UK’s brightest minds, from creatives to thought-leaders to entrepreneurs, who are turning side hustles into booming businesses, changing the face of leadership and transforming the idea of healthy work-life balance. Each panel will be hosted at a Redesigned Marriott Hotel and released here in our first podcast series.

Self-Care for Success

Google searches for self-care are up 25% from 2017, and with good reason. Self-care is not only increasingly available in the form of activities, apps and products but also increasingly valued as a key ingredient in career success. Panelists Nadia and Katia Narain, authors of Self-Care for the Real World, Laura Archer, author of Gone for Lunch, and Andy Cope, happiness researcher and author of The Art of Brilliance, will offer their insights into the world of self-care and happiness as part of a career.

Tune in, to our first empowering podcast hosted by Pandora Sykes. This episode is all about: Self-care for Success!

How to Lead in 2019

A new type of leaderships is emerging. Distinguishing itself from styles of the past, this new leadership prioritizes soft skills, organization-wide fulfillment and positive impact. What does it take to embody these qualities and lead well in today’s world? Entrepreneur Sharmadean Reid, Flash Pack founder Radha Vyas and author and entrepreneur Vanessa Vallely will explore the emotional intelligence, skills and abilities that will help anyone become a great leader.

Event coming soon at London Marriott County Hall, February 27, 2019.

Turn your Ambition into Reality

A side hustle starts as a creative outlet, a path towards fulfilment and identity. But how does a side hustle move from a second job to center stage? LWG founder Liz Ward, Pip and Nut founder Pippa Murray and Michelle Kennedy, founder and CEO of Peanut, a tinder-like app for moms tell of how they turned a side project into their dream career.

Date to be announced soon – stay tuned!