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The Connectivity Issue

In this issue, Marriott Hotels encourages you to consider the places that bridge work and play and the experiences that bring people together, building truly innovative communities.

in this issue

Cover story

Millennials are in search of something more than a big home or urban nightlife. At the heart of the millennial’s desired lifestyle in 2018 is a sense of community, productivity and inspiration.

by Elizabeth Weiss | 07 min

Six questions

Raju Narisetti has made building communities of millennial readers his business. He tells us why connecting them around information matters.

by Poornima Apta | 05 min


Libraries have long been a place to gather information and engage in civic dialogue. Today, TEDx events reveal the way they can bridge the 21st century digital divide and bring communities back together.

by Becky Chung | 06 min

Fresh eyes

From food trucks and street art to farmers markets and sports, the spirit of community is alive in Oakland.

by Lola Akinmade Akerstrom | 03 min

Short story

When jet-setting Mark returned home for his 20th high school reunion, he didn’t know it would turn into anything more than whisky cocktails and awkward hellos. Awaiting him the morning after was a cup of coffee and sense of community.

by Bill McCool | 09 min


The evidence is clear: When we take time to set aside our phones, meet people in real life and build trusting relationships, we live richer, longer and more productive lives.

by Rebecca Dalzell | 04 min


It used to be a derelict location for The Wire. Now it’s a hotspot for fresh local produce and a vehicle for job creation. Here’s a look at the Baltimore Food Hub.

by Rebecca Dalzell | 04 min

Like a boss

Fighting the patriarchy is about more than earning equal pay. Here, author Jess Bennett shares four tips for how women (and men) can combat subtle sexism at work, and establish their own Feminist Fight Club.

by Erin Cassidy Nelson | 04 min

Our innovation

Community is buzzing in Irvine, California – how the hotel’s commitment to local farmers has sparked a sweet relationship.

by Chris Morris | 04 min

Big picture

From the Great Wall to a renowned art district, Beijing is a global epicentre for intelligence.

by Lola Akinmade Akerstrom | 01 min

Woman on iPad sitting in chair in lounge

Pause. Breathe. Focus. Business travellers will find the perfect haven for productivity and relaxation in next-level lounges.

by Erin Cassidy Nelson | 03 min

Woman typing on laptop in hotel room with floating light bulbs

At Marriott Hotels we seek to offer moments of inspiration for our guests. That’s why we have partnered with TED to create experiences that fuel your curiosity and spark your imagination.