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The Energy Issue

Energy, in its simplest form, is what makes us go. In this issue, Marriott Hotels celebrates those who propel themselves and others to great heights and explore ideas for sustainable sources of energy to power our world.

in this issue


This entrepreneur’s willingness to take risks opened the door to an exceptional career in sustainable energy.

by Claire van den Heever | 04 min


Specifically crafted to deliver what your mind needs throughout the day; our new Mind Menu helps you stay inspired and sparks new ideas. Take a peek at the ingredients in some of our favorite Mind Menu offerings, available at Marriott Hotels.

by Nicole Markhoff | 02 min


Whether through food, architecture or design – sustainable energy pulses through the city of Zurich.

by Lola Akinmade Åkerstrom | 05 min


In this TED Talk, Martin Danoesastro, an expert in organizational development, discusses the energy it takes to change entrenched working environments into more dynamic spaces. Marriott Hotels has partnered with TED to create experiences that fuel your curiosity and spark your imagination, including TED Talks on guestroom TV’s and via the Wi-Fi portal.


Our environment is full of renewable energy sources. Here, we’ve compiled four devices for energy conversion and conservation to help every traveler become their own renewable power station

by Kathryn Nave | 05 min