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4 Energy-Efficient Tools to Help Travelers Stay Charged on the Move

by Kathryn Nave

Our environment is full of renewable energy sources. Here, we’ve compiled four devices for energy conversion and conservation to help every traveler become their own renewable power station.

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From light and heat to sound and movement, our environment is full of renewable energy sources. And while worldwide electricity consumption has doubled over the past 40 years, there are plenty of energy suppliers tapping into these natural, sustainable solutions.

Below, we’ve compiled four devices for energy conversion and conservation to help every traveler become their own renewable power station.


The technology of the mobile office has transformed the long-haul flight or the five-hour train journey into perhaps the best chance you’ll have to work uninterrupted all week. The best chance, that is, until you find yourself with a drained battery and no access to a power outlet.

Astrohaus’ portable word processor, however, provides four weeks of battery life on a single charge, guaranteeing that you’ll never be left powerless with only the in-flight magazine for company. The Traveler’s E Ink screen prevents battery and eye fatigue, and its snug 12-by-5-inch footprint makes it the perfect partner for tiny tray tables. A further bonus: Constant cloud synchronization ensures that even if your luggage is lost, your work won’t be.


For the modern smartwatch owner, a drained battery can be a daily occurrence, which is why a body-heat powered smartwatch allows wearers to enjoy both functionality and reliability.

The thermoelectric generator on the back of its casing allows the Powerwatch X to harvest all of the energy it needs to continuously power its monochrome display from body temp alone (and keeps it charged for more than 45 minutes after removal.) Unlike most smartwatches, the Powerwatch is also water resistant up to 200 meters – meaning wearers can tap into a variety of sustainable elements.


To stay visible on the evening cycle home without depending on a secondary light source, it’s hard to beat photoluminescence. Imbued with an ultra-reactive phosphorescent compound, Vollebak’s glow-in-the-dark jacket can be charged with anything from sunlight to your phone’s flashlight and starts glowing the instant light hits it. The breathable, waterproof membrane continues to emit light for up to 12 hours, gradually fading from kryptonite-bright to a ghostly white glow.


With transportation currently responsible for 28 percent of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, there are few better ways to reduce your environmental impact than swapping the car for a bike. Still, when it comes to cycling home after a long day of work, even the fittest among us could occasionally use a boost.

Designed in collaboration with motorsports engineers at Prodrive, the Hummingbird Electric bike charges in just three hours and delivers just enough battery-powered assistance for more than 19 miles of cycling at speeds of up to 16 miles per hour. A companion app allows riders to boost the speed or display the battery status and provides the option to remotely lock the bike.