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The Innovation Issue

How do everyday experiences spark innovation? Ehud Shabtai, the Co-Founder of Waze, was inspired to create his company after he received a GPS system from a friend. The stories in this issue will motivate you to defy habituation and shift your mindset towards innovation, to invent new approaches from familiar sources and to inspire your own groundbreaking ideas

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Cover Story

Waze revolutionized navigation through crowdsourcing. Now, with Google’s backing, the app is rolling out innovative new features with the goal of ending congestion — permanently.

by Cara Cannella | 08 min


Consumers everywhere are waking up to the connection between diet and daily performance. In response, these three epicurean innovations are lined up to sell food that powers body and mind.

by Danielle Quales | 04 min

TED Inspiration

Human creativity is a natural, infinitely renewable resource — and it’s coming up with smart, cheap solutions to people’s biggest problems. Strategist Navi Radjou explains.

by Navi Radiou | 10 min

Our Innovations

Sometimes, you have to look back before you can go forward.

by Ryan Galloway | 11 min

6 Questions

Guatemala-born Luis von Ahn sold two companies to Google by the time he was 30. Now he’s using his inventive mind — and good fortune — to help others achieve success.

by Heather Freiser | 04 min

Fresh Eyes

Marriott Hotels and VSCO, an online community for creators, asked a British photographer to share her perspective on London’s transformation into an innovative global city.

by Rebecca Dalzell | 03 min

Our Innovations

At Goji Kitchen + Bar, 1,600 diners per meal is not out of the question. Learn how Executive Chef Michael Hogan manages scale so that local flavors and flair can flourish.

by Diana Hubbell | 04 min


These brain exercises can help rewire your thinking for a fresh perspective.

by Lisa Wirthman | 03 min

Like A Boss

Leura Fine’s online platform is turning the interior design business on its head. Here’s her advice for women rewriting the rules — in any industry.

by Arianna Schioldager| 05 min

The Big Picture

An old city brims with new life.

by Chryselle D’Silva Dias | 01 min