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The Intelligence Issue

Intelligence comes in many forms. It’s mental, sparking innovation. It’s also emotional, organizational and – in the 21st century – artificial. We invite you to explore how building certain types of intelligence can reshape, maybe even improve, the way we eat, sleep, work and operate as humans.

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Cover Story

The brainchild of 1950s researchers, AI is now maturing. How can we responsibly lead through the next wave of intelligence?

by Lisa Wirthman | 08 min

Six Questions

Psychologist and author Daniel Goleman popularized the concept of emotional intelligence, arguing that social skills are as valuable as book smarts, and changed how we measure leadership ability.

by Rebecca Dalzell | 05 min


Obsessive navel-gazing can be satisfying, but the problem is, it can also be damaging. Organizational psychologist Tasha Eurich suggests ways to escape the loop of rumination and learn how to move forward, for real.

by Tasha Eurich | 09 min

Fresh Eyes

Beijing has set its sights on being a global innovator, and this mission is evident in the complexity of the city’s state-of-the-art architecture and intelligent designs.

by Lola Akinmade Åkerström | 04 min


What can we do during the day to get more efficient sleep at night? This sleep expert gives us hints to help aid sleep and, in turn, boost cognitive and creative function.

by Rebecca L. Weber | 04 min

Like a Boss

Renie Cavallari has spent her career giving professionals the tools to transform themselves and their organizations. Here, she offers four ways to start expanding organizational—and emotional—intelligence today.

by Cara Cannella | 04 min


A dark-dining restaurant in Phnom Penh offers a unique sensory experience while providing employment for visually impaired people.

by Didem Tali | 05 min

Short Story

A young scientist reveals that anyone can be understood with a little Artificial Intelligence.

by Jennifer Farwell | 05 min

Our Innovation

Marriott’s new Mind Menu is bringing brain power to the    M Club with nutrient-rich small bites and beverages.

by Kait Kucy | 05 min

Big Picture

Switzerland’s largest city is powered by efficiency and energetic lakeside living.

by Lola Akinmade Åkerström | 01 min

Cheat Sheet

Artificial intelligence is changing the way traveling entrepreneurs do business. Here, we unpack six AI-driven tools that are elevating work on the go.

by Nicole Bruce | 05 min