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6 Artificial Intelligence Tools for Time-Crunched Business Travelers

by Nicole Bruce

Artificial intelligence is changing the way traveling entrepreneurs do business. Here, we unpack six AI-driven tools that are elevating work on the go.

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From travel concierge chatbots to professional meeting schedulers, legal advisers to earbud language translators, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are making an impact on how we work, both in the office and on the go.

While there are many AI products focused on improving the travel experience, here are the best AI-powered tools that savvy time-crunched entrepreneurs can start using right now to unlock their full business potential while on the road.


Recalling conversations from dozens of phone calls while on the road is nearly impossible, even for those with the best memories, which is why astute business travelers make sure they’re on their A-game with Tetra. Tetra uses AI to take notes during a phone call, so you can focus on the conversation and be reminded of all the details later.

Using speech recognition and natural language processing algorithms, Tetra translates calls into searchable notes and delivers them to your inbox almost immediately after the call. Accurate speech recognition is powered by “research-grade deep learning” that deciphers who said what using two-way speaker labeling. You can even easily organize meetings by topic, flag key highlights during or after the call, and keep your team in sync using the call summary feature.

Android Grammarly Keyboard


It’s easy to overlook grammatical and spelling mistakes when you have lots important meetings, thoughts and plans on your plate. Through native apps and web extensions — both free and paid versions — Grammarly helps keep texts, emails, proposals, social media posts, presentations and other documents in tip-top shape and messaging on point. Based on the vast amount of writing it analyzes from its user pool, the tool learns how to adjust to various contexts, from business emails to creative proposals.

Propelled by machine-learning algorithms, the online application works like a professional editor, offering edits in real time to make sure your content is clear, mistake-free and effective. The tool detects stylistic and semantic problems, unsound sentence structure, plagiarism and other language issues that only a professional would help you fix. (It even performs genre-specific writing-style checks.) From basic grammar and word choice to more advanced suggestions on tone and context-specific language, Grammarly doesn’t just want to fix your grammar — it aims to improve your writing.

Legal Robot

Unless you’re a legal expert, examining business contracts and other legal documents can be a mind-boggling and time-consuming task. That’s why it pays to have a professional review your contracts, whether it’s a human lawyer working on billable hours or an AI adviser like Legal Robot.

Legal Robot uses Al to analyze and simplify the complex legal jargon in your contracts to help you better understand exactly what you’re signing. Securely review contracts from your device with the app — you’ll get a plain language summary to scan for errors on the go.

The intelligent assistant can even help you write solid contracts by suggesting changes to improve readability and consistency, identify potential blind spots that could make the contract a burden for your business based on best-practice standards, and help you collaborate with your legal team back at home.

Pana Concierge text screen

Pana Concierge

It takes a lot of energy to plan the logistics of a business trip. But what if you could have a 24/7 personal travel agent in your back pocket? Pana Concierge takes the headache out of business planning by researching travel options; booking flights, car rentals and hotels; handling cancellations and schedule changes; and even making special arrangements for you like requesting early check-ins, upgrading to better seats and make dinner reservations for groups.

To get started, travelers send the handy assistant a message via the web, mobile app, SMS or email with any request for an upcoming or current trip. Pana will handle the back and forth (it even promises to respond to you within five minutes) so you can worry about the “wow factor” of your keynote presentation, not a flight cancellation.

Google Pixel Buds

Google Pixel Buds Translation

Understanding the nuances of foreign language can be tough, even when the subject isn’t an important business matter, but a new AI-driven product has the power to bridge this cultural divide.

Google Pixel Buds, a pair of wireless headphones, can translate 40 languages on the fly with built-in Google Translate software. The earbuds work by translating another language as it’s spoken to you. As soon as someone speaks, the software will play back their statement in your language of choice through your Pixel Buds. You can then reply in your selected language, and the handset (your phone) will respond in the other person’s tongue. (To converse with someone not wearing Pixel Buds, you’ll need to share your phone. On-screen instructions in their language will tell them to speak, and their words will then get translated into your ears via the Pixel Buds, and vice versa.)

Getting real-time translation right in your ear might not replace a professional interpreter or, better yet, becoming fluent in another language, but the technology is growing more advanced with time and alleviating some major language barriers.

Autonomous Personal Assistants by

Perhaps the most tedious of tasks, business travelers know it can be challenging to arrange meetings and phone calls while working remotely. The back-and-forth it often takes before securing a calendar slot can be a deterrent from actual work, not to mention time spent meeting new people and exploring books for inspiration.

Reclaiming time from scheduling allows you to free up space for actual problem-solving and creative brainstorming and can be as simple as employing a helpful and efficient AI bot.

Enter Amy and Andrew Ingram: cost-effective, autonomous AI personal assistants (developed by who leverage the power of machine learning to schedule meetings for you. When Amy or Andrew are copied on an email, the intelligent and friendly assistants will do all the arranging for you – time, location and other pertinent details – even with multiple people involved. Running late to a meeting? They’ll respond to real-time changes by pushing the meeting (and any subsequent meetings) back automatically. The more Amy or Andrew interact with people, the better they work.

This is a glimpse into the time-saving future.