Ted + Marriott Hotels

Inspiring New Perspectives

At Marriott Hotels, we seek to offer moments of inspiration for our guests. That’s why we have partnered with TED to create experiences that fuel your curiosity and spark your imagination.

Travel showed me…

From uncovering dreams to finding internal strength, see how travel has inspired these TED Fellows.

The Power of Home

TED Fellow Candy Chang tells us how travel has changed her perspective on home.

How to Open My Eyes To Opportunity

Learn how travel opened up TED Fellow Karim Abouelnaga’s eyes to uncover opportunities for himself and others.

My Strength

TED Fellow Zubaida Bai explains that biology is not destiny. Travel has allowed her to define herself and helped her identify and provide solutions to global women’s health issues.

In-Room Ted Talks

Be inspired throughout your journey with specially curated TED Talks in your guest room TV’s and online through our wi-fi log-in portal.

Live Events

We invite some of the world’s most interesting and inspirational speakers, TED Fellows, to our properties around the globe for special live events.

New Perspectives

New Perspectives

Tips for Living a Creative Life

Elizabeth Gilbert, best-selling author of “Eat, Pray, Love,” shares 11 ways to think smartly about creativity.
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