4 Ways to Recharge and Be Productive in Your Favorite Travel Lounge

by Erin Cassidy Nelson

Pause. Breathe. Focus. Business travelers will find the perfect haven for productivity and relaxation in next-level lounges.

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Think about it — you’ve got an hour between flights or found downtime before the next meeting. What you do in those precious moments could lead to a big business breakthrough or at least get you in the right headspace for one.

Where are you most likely to find those moments? In the exclusivity of an airport lounge like the newly-renovated United Club℠ location at Dallas/Fort Worth or a hotel executive lounge like the M Club at San Francisco Airport Marriott Waterfront. Your hard work has earned this. Here are four ways to tap into your inner professional zen and find yourself enhancing creative energy between meetings and flights — crisp wine-on-tap in hand.

United members lounge

Make a list

Even the most organized professional can’t hold all of their priorities in their head. There’s been plenty of research to highlight the importance of keeping a list to avoid both small and fatal mistakes. According to Atul Gawande, former surgeon and author of The Checklist Manifesto, a list can prevent humans from making the careless mistakes we make in moments of stress or when we’re on autopilot, and instead allow highly skilled and intelligent people to focus on their passions and vocation.

Especially when you’re on the go, a checklist is a way to reserve your mental energy for the tasks and ideas that matter most.

Nourish your vessel

In the same way you want your plane to be a well-oiled machine, carefully inspected and fed with the right quality and amount of fuel, we can only perform as well as the way we care for our physical selves.

Whether you have access to the artisanal breakfast of cage-free eggs, organic fruits and local cheeses in Marriott Hotel’s M Club or the fresh, whole-grain salad and crudités available at select United Club locations, what you eat becomes the nourishment that makes the difference between a meeting that was friendly and one that transforms your professional trajectory.

Relaxing and finding time to refresh is just as important for your business psyche, so why not return to the lounge to connect with colleagues over healthy, locally-inspired small plates and a signature cocktail after the work day is done.

Don’t burn out, study

In 2018, top professionals are expected to work hard, be innovative and bring creativity to everything they do. Yet in an environment that’s constantly shrouded in high performance and hyperactivity, it’s also important to protect yourself from burning out.

There’s no doubt it’s fruitful to be productive when traveling for work. But it’s also important to remember that traveling can be an optimal time to invest in the learning—or inspirational— aspect of your job. In other words, pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read on the magic of thinking big or expose yourself to literature that help you compound your success.

Flipping through a magazine like The Economist, Harvard Business Review, or the New Yorker while sipping a freshly made latte and overlooking the San Francisco Bay, or listening to your favorite podcast while lounging on comfy furniture and watching planes take off at the United Club location in Los Angeles, might just be enough to invigorate those creative juices.

Follow the fast Wi-Fi

You work hard at a job you love, which is why when you’re deep in the middle of something important, the last thing you want is to be interrupted by an internet timer alerting you that your free Wi-Fi session has expired.

When we travel for work, it’s usually at the precipice of something exciting—a new deal, a yearly recap, a partnership that redefines who we are or what we strive for. Preparation for that engagement, or aligning everything else in your life to fully embrace that action, requires Wi-Fi.

You’ll thank yourself when you’re cozied up in a lounge booth— frothy caffeinated beverage beside you— confident that your internet is secure and you’re free to ruminate on your next grand adventure.